Random: This Animal Crossing: New Horizons Recreation Of Encanto Is Enchanting

We like it when individuals exhibit their creativity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, particularly when it includes the ingenious use of underappreciated issues just like the polish results and emotes. This newest ACNH creation comes courtesy of Th3Meow, who has recreated just a few iconic scenes from Disney’s latest animated film, Encanto.

Accompanied by Animal Crossing-style piano covers of among the tracks from Encanto, the video exhibits Mirabel introducing the Madrigal household — Julieta and Agustín, Dolores, Luisa, Camilo, Isabela, Pepa and Félix, Antonio, and even household outcast Bruno… who’s proven together with his rat pals.

There are some actually candy little particulars within the video, particularly for many who’ve seen the movie: Bruno’s mischievous grin, Agustín’s bee stings, and Dolores utilizing the “Listening Ears” emote, which is fairly spot-on. Plus, all of the characters have custom-designed outfits to match their film counterparts!

What about Mirabel? Well, though her glasses are purple within the ACNH recreation and inexperienced within the film, Mirabel’s Animal Crossing model is fairly correct too, together with her colourfully-embroidered costume, her little bag, and her position because the character who introduces you to the household and the casita. Sadly, there aren’t any arepas in Animal Crossing for her to eat… however there are doughnuts!

Have you seen Encanto? Aren’t the songs catchy? Tell us your favorite within the feedback.

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