Video: YouTuber Runs The Ultimate Switch OLED Burn-In Test, Left On For Over “1800 Hours Straight”

When it was revealed Nintendo’s newest {hardware} revision for the Switch would function an OLED display, concerns were immediately raised about the possibility of screen burn-in.

Although the sort of show has come fairly far because the days of the PlayStation Vita, the danger of burn-in remains to be a factor. Fortunately, because the launch of the Switch OLED mannequin, we have not actually heard about any horror tales, so is it really one thing to be involved about?

YouTuber ‘Wulff Den‘ has left his personal OLED mannequin on for over 1800 hours straight to see what would occur. The check used a static in-game screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the Hori SplitPad to maintain the system’s show energetic. So, what was the result? It appears you’ll be able to barely inform the distinction:

“There isn’t any distinction in any of the color check that I ran, it’s also possible to discover there is not any noticeable burn-in marks after virtually being on for 2000 hours. The solely distinction you’ll be able to form of see is the white within the shrine ceiling, it is ever so barely dimmer, and the blueish-white has a slight inexperienced tint.”

“…If you are frightened about OLED burn-in in your Switch as a result of you’ve got like 2000 hours in a recreation, I feel you’ll be able to loosen up a little bit bit. I do not assume it is a sensible concern for anyone. I feel perhaps in like 10 years now we would see like a HOME display that was in mild mode burn-in on a show unit someplace, however for essentially the most half you bought nothing to fret about.”

Wulff Den intends to depart the OLED mannequin on to see what ultimately occurs, however for now, after near 2000 hours, it appears to be doing wonderful. How is your individual OLED mannequin going? Tell us down beneath.

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