Here’s Tomb Raider Running On A GBA

Gif: Timur Gagiev / Kotaku

Here’s a port I by no means anticipated to see, however is now actual and could be downloaded right now: Tomb Raider on for the Game Boy Advance handheld console. It’s true. And this wild port is simply potential due to the versatile open-source “OpenLara” mission.

Tomb Raider working on a Game Boy Advance comes courtesy of modder XProger. They uploaded a clip of the traditional motion recreation working in real-time on a GBA to Twitter and the video quickly went viral. I assume as a result of lots of people, like myself, have been shocked to see such a technically superior 3D recreation working on {hardware} just like the GBA, a console that was by no means superb at high-quality 3D graphics.

And but regardless of the weaker {hardware} and different technical limitations, like cartridge area, Tomb Raider on GBA appears to be like shockingly playable even when the framerate isn’t rock-solid.

According to XProger, who has spent over a yr engaged on this port, once they began they weren’t even certain if Tomb Raider may run on a GBA. But after sufficient optimization, they bought it working effectively sufficient for this preliminary construct which XProger calls an “Alpha Version.”

“There are many further improvements [I have planned],” defined Xproger over on the GBATemp forums. “As well as optimization of content and video to fit the entire Tomb Rader game in a 32 MB cartridge. But so far only 3 levels are available.”

This is built using “OpenLara”, an open-source port of the unique Tomb Raider engine also created by talented modder Xproger. Thanks to “OpenLara” you’ll be able to run the traditional recreation throughout a bunch of platforms together with the unique Xbox, 3DO, iPhone, and 3DS. And now you’ll be able to add GBA to that record, too

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

“Holy shit, this is Tomb Raider running on a GBA!?!” – Zack Zwiezen

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