How To Connect PS5 Controller to PC Wireless and Wired

Not solely is the DualSense a unbelievable controller to be used with the PS5, the brand new PS5 gamepad will also be paired with PC for video games on that platform. It’s both to do, too, offered you realize which menus to search for. Thankfully, this little information is right here to get PC avid gamers up and working with one in every of (if not the) greatest controllers round. Here’s how to join a PS5 controller to a PC, each wirelessly and wired.

How to join a PS5 controller to a PC wirelessly

To join a PS5 controller to a PC utilizing a wi-fi connection, customers ought to:

  1. Open the PC Start Menu and kind “Bluetooth & Other Devices.”
  2. Enable Bluetooth and choose “Add Bluetooth or other device.”
  3. Select the highest possibility “Bluetooth.”
  4. Hold down the PS5 controller’s PlayStation and Share buttons till the touchpad begins to flash.
  5. When the PS5 controller seems on the PC’s listing of gadgets, choose it to join.
  6. The PS5 controller will now be wirelessly linked to the PC.

Note: If the “Bluetooth” possibility doesn’t work in your PC, you’ll need to add Bluetooth performance to your system via a USB dongle or add-in card.

How to join a PS5 controller to a PC utilizing a cable

To join a PS5 controller to a PC with a cable, customers will need to:

  1. Ensure you’ve gotten a appropriate cable with which to join the controller to the PC.
    • The cable may have a USB-C finish that plugs into the PS5 controller and one other USB on the opposite finish to join to the PC.
  2. Turn the PC on and log into your account.
  3. Use the cable to join the PS5 controller with the PC.
  4. The PC ought to routinely discover the PS5 controller and it can begin to work.
  5. The PS5 controller will now be linked to the PC with a wired connection.

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